A Foster Parent...

  • Must be at least 21 years of age. 
  • Must be able to support existing family with stable income.
  • Can be single, married, or have a partner.
  • Can own or rent a home (including houses, apartments, condos, etc.).
  • Can work inside or outside the home.

A Foster Family Will

  • Support efforts made to reunify youth with their family
  • Work closely with the youth’s family
  • Transport youth to visitation with their family (often more than 1 time per week)

An Adoptive Family Will

  • Support ongoing connections with youth’s family or significant others
  • Commit to their adopted youth forever

All Families Will

  • Provide a safe, stable, caring home free from abuse and neglect
  • Understand that youth have experienced trauma, grief, and loss
  • Learn special skills and have a flexible parenting style to meet the youth’s specific needs
  • Utilize non-physical forms of discipline
  • Support ongoing connection with youth's family or significant others 
  • Work as a team with professionals and the child's family 
  • Meet the child's day-to-day and special needs 
  • Nurture and guide the child's development