Meet Our Families

"The foster parents do not replace the parental of the child's family, but rather become reunification partners, supporting and maintaining the child's connection with the birth family." - Annie E. Casey, 2001: Recruitment, Training and Support: The essential tools of foster care

Role of a foster parent

Foster parents provide a temporary home for youth who have been removed from their home by authority of the Court due to abuse or neglect.  A good foster parent is stable, mature, dependable, and flexible. They will advocate for the youth in their care and be a team player.

Gonzales Family

Foster parents provide for the day-to-day needs of the youth and ensure  all their medical, dental, mental health and educational needs are being  met. In addition, foster parents also value and help maintain the  youth’s connections with their biological family.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra.” – Unknown

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Foster Parents of the Quarter

The Collaborative Foster Care Program recognizes two foster families each quarter for their commitment to the Program and outstanding care for children. This quarter we honor Heather and Travis, and Kelly and David.

Heather & Travis

Heather and Travis joined the Collaborative Foster Care Program almost six years ago and in that time, they have impacted the lives of 13 children. Heather and Travis are an active family who maintains the balance of family, school, kids’ sports and activities. As experienced foster parents who have also adopted, Heather and Travis have been passionate about creating post-adoptive contact with biological families and arranging visits to help their children understand their adoption story. Regardless if the children in their home are there a few days or longer, Heather and Travis go to great lengths to preserve the connection with each child’s parents. They have also diligently stayed in touch with previous foster children and their families, willing to lend their support or helpful insights when needed.

Heather and Travis have cared for children with a wide array of developmental and medical needs and are considered experts at working with the early childhood organizations within their community. Heather and Travis have also successfully demonstrated the ability to care for infants in need of intensive medical care. Heather is widely known for having a car seat carrier on each arm at parenting time appointments, all while she cheerfully greets staff and helps parents feel comfortable.

Travis and Heather have actively referred prospective foster families to CFCP who have become successfully certified, as they are keenly aware of the need for more resources in their community. Heather and Travis are truly the epitome of foster parents who have embraced the CFCP’s expectations and exceeded them.

Thank you Heather and Travis for leading the charge for foster care and making a difference in the lives of children every day.

Kelly & David

Kelly and David R. have been caring for two children for most of this year. The younger of the two children fell outside of the ages they felt most comfortable with but knowing the importance of keeping siblings together, they decided to take on the opportunity. Kelly and David clearly understand the importance of keeping siblings together, encouraging family connections, and ensuring children are provided a normal childhood even while in foster care.

Kelly and David have come up with numerous ideas to keep the children connected to family and friends, including asking the children’s team if their mom can come to their sports practices and games. They have made many changes to their family’s daily routine to accommodate the needs of a younger child and to find activities that are fun for the family to do together. Kelly and David advocate for the children in a patient yet persistent way.

Thank you Kelly and David for your dedication to providing excellent care to the children and families in our community. Your passion for helping children and families shines through.